Ways you can help

Support the work in your own way

If you would like to donate, use the button below, or send a check to:

International Faith Missions
5553 County Road 79A
Saint Joe, IN 46785

Thanks for your generosity!

Specific ways you can help

Student Sponsorship

For just $25 per month (or $300 per year) you can provide a child in Haiti with school tuition, textbooks,  a hot lunch and an education that will last a  lifetime. 

To join our sponsorship program click on the “Subscribe” button below (requires a PayPal account).  Following check out you will be directed to our contact page.  Please send us a message with your mailing address and sponsorship desire.  If you don’t have PayPal you may still sponsor but will need to manually donate each month via the “Donate” button above or by mailing a check.

You will receive a picture of the  student we assign to you, along  with instructions how you may have further  correspondence with him / her.

For the “$25” or the “300” option you use here for the payment, i will need the embedding code. If that is not what you used, let me know… 

Aid for Orphans

This will help to provide for orphans who are not a part of our children’s home.

Children's Home

This goes toward the operating expenses of the IFM Children’s Home, which aids orphaned, malnourished, and abandoned children. 

Medical Relief

To cover expenses for the sick and hurting who don’t have sufficient funds for the medical  care they need

General Donation

This will help to provide for orphans who are not a part of our children’s home.


If you would like to volunteer your time  or services in Haiti, the Dominican Republic or the United States, please Contact us… 

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